8 Moncler Palm Angels Long Sleeve T-shirt

The contrast graffiti lettering on top of the neoprene Moncler macro-logo is the essential element of this long sleeve t-shirt from the 8 Moncler Palm Angels line, collection n°8 of the Moncler Genius project. The bottom of the piece, which looks like two overlapping garments, adds character to a look that will not go unnoticed.


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• Cotton jersey long sleeve t-shirt
• Raw edge diagonal piecing in the front with zig-zag double stitch rows on the overlay which help to create the different level hems that characterize the collection
• Metallic painted Moncler and PALM ANGELS ® collaboration “applique” logo on left chest
• Tonal matte Moncler macro-logo graphic on back with red “PALM ANGELS ®” graffiti lettering on top



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